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Clinical Staff

Holly Mckay, Practicum / Intern Supervisor, LCSW

My name is Holly McKay, LCSW. I am the Practicum/Intern Supervisor for Family Counseling Services of Northern Utah. I completed my Bachelors degree from Weber State University, and my master's degree from the University of Utah. I graduated with high honors, and was nominated as the 2006-2007 student of the year award, and was the recipient of the James Garland Woolsey award in 2013. My experience involves working as a Practicum/ Intern supervisor, providing therapy services for those experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and working in home health/hospice services. I use evidence-based practices to treat my clients. I aim to provide a space that promotes empowerment and healing, while encouraging self-determination.

Leigh Martin, LMFT 

Techniques can be helpful, but "it's the relationship that heals." ~ Irvin Yalom, M.D. 

"It's the relationship that heals.” This is a quote by Irvin Yalom, M.D., a renowned psychotherapist who saw that more important than any particular technique is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. I agree. While I regularly teach techniques to manage symptoms of distress, I believe that true growth and healing come from an empathic, honest and transparent relationship with another human being. Underneath the umbrella of a compassionate relationship, I utilize different approaches depending on the developmental age of the client and the presenting problem at hand. These therapeutic approaches include CBT, DBT,

Kassandra Zamora, CSW

From her first intro to social work class in college, Kassandra knew she wanted to work in a profession that was centered around helping people. Kassandra graduated from Weber State University in 2018 with a bachelors in social work and went on to graduate from Our Lady of the Lake University in spring 2021 with a masters in social work. She has a background of working in the child welfare system and working with clients ranging from abused children in foster care, to adults struggling with substance abuse or mental health. Kassandra completed her masters field practicum at FCS before having the opportunity to be hired as a full-time therapist. Kassandra believes that mental health should be normalized and clients do not have to let their diagnosis define them. Kassandra believes every client has their own story to tell, and therapy is a way to help cope and find that friendly face to listen to.


Joyce Robison, CMHC 

I received my undergraduate from Weber State University in Social Work,  I then went on and received my graduate degree from The University of Phoenix with a Master's in Counseling.  I have been a  therapist for 17 years.  I started the first 15 years working with adolescents and the last couple of years with  both youth and adults. I usually connect well with my clients because we can find many similar things in common.  I like football, reading, watching TV and playing video games.


I have the ability to speak Spanish and will use that with the Hispanic population.


I am excited to meet new people and to be able to spend time getting to know them and listening, acknowledging and validating there thoughts and feelings both personally and professionally.

Marcos Uboldi, LCSW 

Marcos is a current bi-lingual therapist here at FCS, and has been for several years. He is also a Hospice Social Worker full-time and enjoys both jobs very much. When Marcos is not working he is spending time with his family.

2023-02-01 12-22-00.jpeg


Keevo recently joined our staff as a Therapy Dog in training. Keevo's original position as a police dog didn't work out as he was too "chill" for the temperment needed for the position. In his new line of work, he hopes to help improve the lives of his coworkers and the people visiting our facility.

Administrative Staff
Glenn Headshot.jfif

Glenn Lanham, Executive Director

Glenn is a Virginia native who relocated to Utah in 1993 and has worked and served in the local nonprofit community since that time. After receiving both his B.A and M.B.A from The College of William & Mary in Virginia, Glenn began his nonprofit career in 1988. In addition to his current role as Executive Director of the Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah, Glenn has served as executive Director for the brain Injury Alliance of Utah, CEO of Special Olympics Utah, Vice President of Development for Utah Symphony/Utah Opera, Director of Development for the Huntsman Cancer institute, and Director of Corporate and Foundation Programs for the University of Utah.

2022-06-23 15-03-48 (2).jpeg

Jeff Lavallee, Clinical Director

Jeff lavallee LMFT is the Clinical Director of Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah. He brings over 30 years of experience to the clinic. He has expertise in working with teens, children, and families.  His specialties include substance abuse, trauma, autism spectrum disorders, depression, and anxiety. He is LGBTQ+ friendly and is dedicated to helping people reach their true potential. Personal interests include music and live concerts, spoken word poetry, MOD culture and Italian scooters. He is a founding member of the Two Bit Scooter Club of Ogden, Utah and is often found zipping around the city.

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